Vagabond Grace ankle boots and other recent purchases...


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1. Breton top @ Muji
2. Vagabond Grace ankle boots @ Urban Outfitters
3. Polka dot jeans @ Urban Outfitters

Here are a few of my favourite things I've bought recently. They're also the things I find myself repurchasing again and again. Striped tops, black ankle boots, skinny jeans. Repeat.
This breton top from Muji (1) is made from thick organic cotton so it's more like a jumper than a tee. I love to smarten up striped tops with a navy blazer for work or wear with a leather jacket for shopping on the weekend.
I was ummming and ahhhhhing over all the black ankle boots in the world this autumn. I finally settled on these clumpy boots from Vagabond. I love their chunky shape and find their simple zip much more wearable than all those fussy buckles and cut outs.
I practically live in jeans both in and out of work so I'm always looking for a new pair to add to my growing collection. These polka dots (3) were on sale in Urban Outfitters and I couldn't resist their quirky charm. I've worn them with plain jumpers so far but I can't wait to clash them up!

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