A few of my favourite things...


1. Vintage Surplus Russian Stripe Navy Shirt @ Urban Outfitters
2. Natural Denim Circle Skirt @ American Apparel
3. Moto Shift Denim Pini Dress @ Topshop
4. Babe Jelly Shoes @JuJu Jellies
5. Rimmel Instant Tan Water Resistant Light Matte @ Superdrug
6. MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Scarlet Ibis @ Mac Cosmetics

These are a few of my favourite things to wear right now. (1) is my favourite basic striped T-shirt and I love to wear it under this playful pinafore dress (3). This high-waisted circle skirt (2) goes with everything and works well with my growing collection of crop tops. I bought my JuJu's (4) last summer and they're still going strong!
My skin still hasn't seen enough sun this year so (5) is my favourite last minute tanning fix from Rimmel. It's easy to apply for nights out and washes off so I can stay au naturel for daytime. I love red lipsticks from Mac but (6) is my favourite bright and easy-to-wear shade. It's from the Marilyn Monroe collection so I'm hoping they stock a similar shade now the collection is sold out!

What key items do you find yourself reaching for time and again?

Moodboard: The Virgin Suicides

Virgin Suicides Moodboard

Scallop Hem Lace Dress, £50, Topshop
Peep toe High, £123, Swedish Hasbeens

It might be the summer of crop-topping 90s throwback, but after reading The Virgin Suicides I can't quite get that sepia-70s vibe out of my head. Forget the beanie hats and creepers, I want vintage sundresses and clumpy mid-heel tan sandals.
 The high neckline and demure skirt of this lace dress from Topshop would be great for lazy summer days paired with Swedish Hasbeens clogs - perfect for stomping!