River Island Christmas press day


I went to the River Island Christmas press day last week, and here are some of my favourite picks. Sequins, leather, furry hats, body jewellery, studs, spikes and even zebra-print-heeled boots! Great party looks washed down with a bubbling Merry Marmalade Sidecar. Lovely.

pastel pink shimmer nails

17 Dazzle The Night (£2.99 available at Boots from November), LAQA & CO Nail Polish Pen in Birthday Suit and Topcoat (£11 each from Asos), W7 Stronger & Longer Nail Treatment (£1.99 available from Fragrance Direct).

I started out this nail look because I wanted to try out the new LAQA & CO nail polish pens. But after two coats I was disappointed with how difficult the pen was to use and the finish was streaky and uneven. The packaging and design of the product is flawless, but the nail polish itself isn't worth the £11 price tag.
I was about to take it all off and try another colour when I remembered I had my 17 Dazzle the Night nail polish to try from the Boots Christmas press day a couple of weeks ago. 
I just used one coat of the gold shimmery glitter and it completely transformed my nails. The streaks in the colour were covered and I was left with this lovely pastel pink shimmer nail look.
I finished my nails with the LAQA & CO topcoat nail polish pen to seal the colour.
Now I can't wait to try out the Dazzle the Night colour with my other nail colours. It adds a touch of sparkle to transform the colour. It goes to show paying more for beauty products doesn't always pay off. This £2.99 bargain will be perfect for Christmas!
What do you think of the nail look?

week in photos

Relaxing in a boat in Regent's Park, Rowing the boat while Milly relaxes, running with the Olympic Torch, My Olympic banner from Coca Cola, The view from my desk on Friday morning, meeting Joanna Page at the Superdrug press day, Milly's 'arty' photo of me, afternoon tea.