Beauty Review: Perrie's Blush It! Little Mix by Collection



Perrie's Blush It! by Collection*, £2.99 @ Superdrug & Boots

I may not be the perfect target market for the new Little Mix by Collection make up range. I know Perrie from Little Mix has lilac locks, sometimes wears something cute in tartan and she's engaged to Zayn from One Direction, but that's probably about as far as my knowledge on the pop icon goes. Screaming tween fan I am not.
Nevertheless,  I certainly am always in the market for a new hidden make up bargain and I won't let a little bit of cheesy pop-collab get in my way. So lets give this moderately-priced blush a go...


The packaging is what you'd expect in this price bracket - nothing special - but it is functional and snaps shut well. When applied to the cheeks, the finished result is a lovely soft pink that is close to my usual MAC shade. What's more, it stayed all day without going blotchy or patchy.
So whether you're a Little Mix fan or not I'd definitely recommend this as a bargain drugstore blusher. Best of all it's great for carrying around in my makeup bag as there'll be no tears if it cracks or crumbles!

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