Tim Walker: Story Teller at Somerset House


During my recent visit to the Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House I felt like I was stepping onto the pages of the most wonderful fashion story you could imagine. Either that, or I was tumbling down the rabbit hole...

Tim Walker

As I wandered through rooms filled with flying saucers and jelly hats, giant snails silently climbed the walls and I spotted a bee playing the cello and a grasshopper on violin. You might mistake this as a tale from Through the Looking-Glass, but I was in fact being swept away by the surreal imaginings of fashion photographer Tim Walker.

A bed made from bones with skulls as bed-knobs caught my eye and I realised that behind each fantasy, stark mortality looms. Walker portrays both the wonder and fragility of life through his enchanting photographs. Breathtaking props and unworldly models are captured with a click of the shutter.

Placing the unexpected in mundane situations, Walker captures the imagination and creates a story for the clothes. My favourite pictures were a series of photographs taken with Tim Burton in Colchester, Essex in 2009 when a giant skeleton sat in a field full of red roses and models dressed up as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.

Admission to Tim Walker: Story Teller at Somerset House is free and the exhibition runs until Sunday 27th January, 2013. I highly recommend a visit if you get the chance.

Have you seen any good exhibitions recently? Are there any coming up that you're looking forward to?

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