V festival 2012


Top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Vintage Levi
Bag: Vintage
Boots: Dr Marten's
Nail polish: Maybelline Forever Strong in Dark Denim and Nails Inc Diamond Arcade Nail Jewellery

I went to V Festival in Hylands Park this weekend with the girls from Sugarscape. It was so hot we thought we were going to melt! I wore this outfit on the first day we arrived. Cut-offs were definitely the way to go but I stood out like a sore thumb around all the Essex girls in their bikini tops and even smaller shorts! It was so hot I had to plait my hair back, long hair is not good in the heat.

We spent lot of time wandering around looking for good street style for Sugarscape (harder than you might think!) We also spent a good amount of time sat in the shade in hospitality with super cold beer. The heat was unbearable!

When the temperature finally cooled down we caught a bit of David Guetta before heading off to watch Ed Sheeran. 


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